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So who is KRASH anyway ?

  Although I’ve made a living as an artist, I’m really an idea generator, I call it Conceptual Engineering.  I don’t care for the term “Inventor,” because I do more than invent, I answer questions.

  One of my hobbies over the years is watching how long it takes the rest of the world to think up some thing I scribbled in a note book when I was 14. It’s about 25 years.

After filling a hundred or so note books over the years, I just don’t write most of them down any more.

My Timeline


1971 drafted and  spent two and a half years screwing off in Europe.

The Army, was like college with crappy cloths and a paycheck. It was a blast once I got to Europe. .

   Besides learning to drive, and wreck, BIG trucks, I was also battalion draftsman and photography.  

Also I set a local flight record in my car, 87 feet!

Amazing what happens when you ingest lots beer and hash then try to keep up with the beat of the stereo on the gas peddle. Did I mention we were driving in the woods at night. You can take a look at the car in my End of the Road shots.

Since that time, I've practiced way to many trades, and continue to travel around the U.S.

In the 80s l lived  north of Cooperstown, NY, where I did a lots of baseball art.

  When I had to sign several hundred prints in one sitting, I realized what a pain in the ass my signature is. I still spent most of the time on the road doing fairs and festivals, airbrushing T-shirts.

   In 1990 I moved to Conneaut, Ohio, to get back to a cheaper, slower life style. The mid 90's were spent on galleries, painting, sculpting, and drawing, plus as always, much traveling, about 40,000 miles a year, mostly driving.

 In 1995 I designed and manufactured the Speed Easel, specifically designed for professional t-shirt artits. Until I got board and moved on. Drives friends nuts…

  In 2003 I started my End of the Road photography series.

In 2005 I designed and sold VeloKit, light weight, removable bodies for recumbent trikes.

  I wrote my first children’s story in 2003 but didn’t do much until 2008  As of 2017, I’ve got 14 in print, and dozens waiting for illustrations. Plus the usual assortment of articles, manuscripts, screen plays and other scribbling's.

 When possible I’ve gone with out shoes most of my life. It just feels more natural, more comfortable, and I’ve done many things barefoot that most people haven’t tried with shoes. Back in the 70’s I even entered a few races barefoot, another 15 minutes of fame. I’ve walked on glaciers, mountain tops and fire. Done construction, welding, and yes even walked on the beach.

Higher Education:

I went to college to burn off  some veterans benefits and to get laid. Both worked out pretty well.

I have never actively pursued a college degree because I prefer to take my own direction.

”If you have no direction, you learn what you are taught.

If you know where you're going, you learn what you need.”


The Good Old Days 1973

Still got the shirt and belt.

  I'm just another overly creative soul enjoying some time on  the planet.

  Below are a few notes about me, and things I've done.

  Basically I’ve lived “Outside the Box” most of my life, and for the most part, it’s been fun.

   I once said an artist is someone who brings back souvenirs from their imagination. And I guess I’ve brought back a few.

  Did I mention more than 30,000 individual pieces of art so far. I lost count back in the 80's. Most were airbrushed T-shirts.

Letting my hair down in Sydney Harbor 2013

Gina’s favorite picture!

Runnin barefoot 1979. I loved trottin past folks pulling off their shoes because of blisters.