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I'm just another overly creative soul enjoying some time on  planet Earth.

Below are a few notes about me, and things I've done.

When I have time, I try to get some artwork off my list of projects.

Right now I have several dozen children’s stories I need to illustrate, and

about a million designs for t-shirts and other graphic stuff.

 If you are interested in an original, I do have a long waiting list, unless

you happen to see some thing laying around the studio.

I’ve always said an artist is just someone who brings back souvenirs from their imagination. I just happen to bring back a lot of souvenirs.

  Did I mention more than 30,000 individual pieces of art so far. I lost

count back in the 80's.

So who is KRASH anyway ?

  I began serious drawing around seventh grade with a ball point pen, doing photo realism, usually nudes.    But most of my creativity and inventiveness during my school years, like now, was devoted to things other than art.

  Some of my sketches included; jet aircraft, weapons, flying saucers and even an artificial eye. Concepts on space travel, mechanics and even how the brain stores memories. And that was before I was old enough to drive a car.

  One of my hobbies over the years is watching how long it takes the rest of the world to think up some thing I scribbled in a note book when I was 14. I'm over sixty now and they haven't caught up yet.

   Leaving high school early, I became a "HIPPIE" and traveled around selling hand made leather goods at ROCK FESTIVALS, but in 1971 I got drafted and took an extra year to stay out of Nam, spending two and a half years screwing off in Europe.

The Army, was like college with crappy cloths and a paycheck. It was a blast once I got to Europe. .

   Besides learning to drive, and wreck, BIG trucks, I also took up photography,  learned to ski and started to get interested in art again.

Also I set a local flight record in my car, 87 feet!

Amazing what happens when you ingest lots beer and hash then try to keep up with the beat of the stereo on the gas peddle. Did I mention we were driving in the woods at night. You can take a look at the car in my End of the Road shots.

Since that time, I've practiced way to many trades, and continue to travel around the U.S. In the 80s l lived  north of Cooperstown, NY, but still spent most of the time on the road doing fairs and festivals, airbrushing T-shirts. I did lots of baseball art, and that was when I realized how much work my signature was, when I had to sign several hundred prints in one sitting.

  In 1990 I moved to Conneaut, Ohio, to get back to a cheaper, slower life style. The mid 90's were spent on galleries, painting, sculpting, and drawing, plus as always, much traveling, about 40,000 miles each year.

 My latest project is my End of the Road series, featuring photos of old vehicles slowly going back to nature.

Science fiction/fact is another field I've always been intrigued with. I've toyed with numerous designs for things like anti-gravity, since I was 15, and of course Perpetual Motion,  the subject of another of children's book.

"Remember......Every thing man has ever done was somebody's idea first!"

  I never consider before hand, if it's possible or not. I always try first, and I've received very little formal training for all of things I've done, I simply went out and did them.

But my main real "talent" is thinking, coming up with ideas. And I coined the term “Conceptual Engineer”, many years ago for business purposes.

 Now after filling many dozens of notebooks with ideas, I don't bother to write most of them down any more. I already have enough for this lifetime and a couple more, with new ideas coming in daily.

Other hobbies I enjoy include; reading, writing, ranting and of course swearing at my computer.

Another Hobby / Business is my VeloKit.  An all weather, removable fabric body for recumbent trikes, though I’ve let it slide the last couple years as I focus on my children’s books.

 Everything I do is because I like to do it. Leisure to me may be torching up a piece of steel for a sculpture, or driving to another state, just for dinner.

I also like to go bare foot when I get the chance. It just feels more natural, and keeps me in touch. Back in the 70s I even entered a few races running barefoot. I’ve walked on glaciers and fire barefoot, and it’s nice to see that the Experts are now starting to see that shoes are not all they are cracked up to be.

Higher Education:

Coopers School of Art, Cleveland, OH 1974

Lakeland Community College, Kirtland, OH 1979

Kent State University, Kent, OH 1981.

I have never actively pursued a college degree because I prefer to take my own direction.

”If you have no direction, you learn what you are taught.

If you know where you're going, you learn what you need.”