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I'm just another overly creative soul enjoying some time on  planet Earth.

Below are a few notes about me, and things I've done.

When I have time, I try to get some artwork off my list of projects.

Right now I have several dozen children’s stories I need to illustrate, and

about a million designs for t-shirts and other graphic stuff.

 If you are interested in an original, I do have a long waiting list, unless

you happen to see some thing laying around the studio.

So who is KRASH anyway ?

Home on leave in August, 1972

As a "HIPPIE" I traveled around selling hand made leather goods at ROCK FESTIVALS, but in 1971 I got drafted. Enlisting for an extra year to stay out of Nam, I spent two and a half years screwing off in southern Germany.

An artist is just someone who brings back souvenirs from from travels outside the box, and I travel a lot…

Feeding a Bear cub 1998

I still got the scares from those claws.

The Bare Foot Runner 1979

Nothing special for me, but it got me in the papers…and that’s me circled in  red below . If you look close, you’ll see I’m actually not touching the ground. A normal thing for runners, but some how cooler if you’re barefoot.

I’ve walked on glaciers, mountain tops and fire barefoot. I’ve done more things barefoot than most people have even done, with or without shoes….

I’ve heard in recent years that Barefoot is coming back and  that experts are now starting to say that shoes are not all they are cracked up to be…

Took ‘em long enough.

Still from TV news spot in 1982

This time I’m in my basement studio, being interviewed about “A Place To Hide”.

My 1982 calendar, cards and prints. And the beginning of a long relationship with self-publishing. Once again a couple decades ahead of the norm..

KRASH’s Tree Service?? 1979

Back before age caught up with me, I loved climbing trees, and had no problems with height.

Of course, folks wanted to give me money to do it, as  long as I took a saw up with me.

Just for the record, I’m wearing sneakers, and using no safety gear.

Selling T-shirts at Rabbit Run Theater 1977

If you click on their web site they are celebrating 40 years in 2020, but Rabbit Run was actually cleaned up and re-opened in the summer of 1977, by a dedicated group of musicians and their friends, me among them,  who brought it back from obscurity and held musical events through that fall before the local Theater Crowd, took it over and took the credit. I admire them for keeping it going, but they should give credit where credit is dew.

KRASHifice 2010

Sacrificed on the horns of a dilemma.

We just got done setting up our “last night” bon fire on our canoe trip in northern Canada, and I was taking a break. And hey, can’t pass up a good photo op…

Well, after 60+ years on the planet, there’s always more to blather about, but I’m out of space.

You can read more on my other pages…