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This is just a few of the drawings I've done over the years.

Some of my early pencil drawings took up to 100 hours to draw.

Mostly while I sat in diners sipping coffee.

Camping 1981

Time to get up! 1981


Karin 1981

Amy's place  1998

Waitin for a bite 1981

Design for the Case Western Reserve Film Society’s 41st Si-Fi movie marathon.

I’ve been doing the designs and shirts for decades.

Planning a real bash for the 50th in 2025

Practice, 2015
But I like it.

The Flutter By’s 2017

Did this to cheer up fellow writer in hospital.

The note at top say …

“This is the best I can do from memory, I passed out just after climbing on the moose.

I did get to chat with the drummer during their break, fun guy. He’s actually a moth.”

Holiday Travels 2007
A place by the water I stay at often.
Christmas 2007
Christmas 2017