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Oh, the things you’d see,

if you traveled like me!

Like a Bronze Dr. Seuss

or Canadgian Moose!

Snowballs in May,

       Sunrise on a Bay

              or 6 states in a day!

Dr. Seuss Nationa Mlemorial Sculpture Garden

Springfield, MA

Nice entrance !

This is one of 4 arches, one on each corner of the

square in Jackson, Wyoming.  

As you can see, it's made of antlers, Deer and Elk I

believe. They shed them every year, and folks just pick

them up off the ground.

Letting my hair flow in Sydney Harbor 2013

It looks like some one spilled their root beer float,

but it's really flows of calcium carbonate at

Mammoth Hot Springs on the north end of


This is a 50's era rocket once used to import coffee from plantations on Mars.

Now spending it's days holding up this gift shop in Seattle

Here it is folks!

Smaller than most peoples garages.

3 rooms total and built by his dad.

Elvis was born here Jan. 8, 1935.  

His  dad moved them  to Memphis, Tennessee

when he was 12. that's about 100 miles north.

And the rest is history.

1992 Geo Metro Wagon ( the Metro Motel )

15 states in 12 days.

6,600 miles

128 gal. gas, under $400 for trip

52 average MPG

6 qts. oil ( leaking drain plug )

2 gal. water ( blown heater hose )

ran out of gas once ( stupid )

and my longest down hill coast, 15.5 miles,

Granite Pass, WY 9,000 ft.

Not recommended with Metro brakes :o)

Bandelier national Monument

Just a Travelin Man!

Christmas Day New Zealand 2014

Trimming the yucca, with a chainsaw

Gina as sign painter

Doing some welding for another artist in Australia

 From Nov. 2014 to April 2015 Gina and I worked our way across New Zealand and Australia.

  It cut our travel costs by 2/3. Plus friends traded the air fare for remodeling their kitchen.

 We stayed with several folks we met on our 2013 trip, and met lots of new friends. I even managed to finish another book on the trip.

 Of course, when your traveling in places like these, it really doesn’t feel like work.

 Gina at Waihi Beach in NZ

 On the right is south of Melbourne