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Sittin’ at the Grand Canyon Aug. 2017

Just enjoyin’ the sunset. I managed to visit 3 times in 2017.

And here’s one of the sunrises.

Now this is a kitchen… You won’t find these on those “pay through the nose” tours. You got to stay with the locals for the good stuff.

That’s a blurry shot of Gina in Margie’s place on a hill top, with a 360 degree view,  in Wodonga, Victory, Australia

We missed the worst winter that OHIO had in years,

they even showed it on the news in Australia.

We had 3 summers in a row.

And you can’t do Sydney on New Years with out the fireworks. They had 2 shows, one about 9 pm for folks who had to be in early, and the big one at midnight.

We are sitting comfortably in a park 2 ½ miles from  Sydney, across the harbor, so this gives you an idea how big that show was.

We watched the sun go down, and saw it come back up before we got back to our room…

Just a Travelin Man!

Gina and I

Christmas day 2014 in Waipu, NZ

And Christmas dinner….

Notice the table? That is one piece of wood. A slab from a Kauri tree, 4’’ thick.

That’s me in the back, bein’ a tourist, on top of the Harbor Bridge in Sydney, Australia

Sunset on New Years  2015