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Herding cows in Mornington, Australia.

No I was not on a horse, but a 4 wheeler.

The boss had the horse…

We stayed at Geoff and Jan’s for several weeks, and as always had a great time.

Me as a short order cook in NZ. Just pulling some french fries out of the oil.

Notice my traditional foot ware.

Just a Travelin Man!

Try this at rush hour. One lane shared with cars, trucks and trains going both ways.  The trains get first pick.

Graymouth, NZ

A nice view of Queenstown, NZ.

Gina got a bit nervous when the cable car stopped half way up the mountain.

Stanley Lake in Idaho, USA

Honest, they do not have radioactive dogs in Redmond, WA.

Catchin the ferry back to Seattle, WA.

Had a fun afternoon on Vashon Island.