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Carhenge, Allience, Nebraska  Aug. 21, 2017

The morning of the total eclipse. I was the only one to get this shot.

Here is a quick sample of my photo work.

Since I take 1,000’s of pics a year, it would take

up some time and space to show them all, and most are crap anyway.

But as I get time, I'll pop in new shot now and then.

I've been digital since 2000, and generally upgrade cameras about

every 2 years. I do miss my old SLRs, and all those extra lenses.

But I've gotten pretty spoiled on cell phones, and use a Samsung

GS5 now for most pictures.

I still use a camera for long nature shots, but the phone is my every day camera.

A quick snack in East Harbor State Park, Ohio. 2008

Up with the sun and under the trees, walking through the shrooms.

That's where you'll find me.


Canadian artist Kate Clifford and I,

reflected in a chrome ball in Alberta.

That's Lake Louise in the background.

Playing with a wall of water.

Melbourne Art Museum, Australia


Oak Harbor, Ohio 2017

When you are the only one up at sunrise, you get camera duty.

Chicago, IL


One of my favorite shots of 2017.

See if you can figure it out...