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I’m really not keeping up with these pages…

Krash as art.. 2015

 I vastly improved this piece at the Mona Museum in Hobart, Tasmania, just by standing next to it.

 Notice the drama added by the shadows, the textures, the bla, bla, bla.

 I was over all unimpressed with the Mona. I thought it was a show case of artists that really new how to sell.

 This was a commission for a private collector, 2003

  It is spun copper , and getting the patina right was a bitch.

Time, 2008

 Made from momentos of  my “hippy” days.

Conception, 1981   copper and brass

 My own coffee table, showcasing trinkets I’ve collected or made over 50 years.

 Originally made in 1994, I add crap to it every 10 years or so.

Natural Paths, 2015  wood

 One of several pieces I did for private collectors while in Melbourne, AU