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Conception 1981  

Copper and Brass

A quick and artsy way to fill a hole, I made these shadow boxes. Only about 4” high, they are just enough to hold a small nic-nac. The frames are made from tongue depressors, then some quick nature are, and a couple real bugs, and wa-la.

Feb 2015.

Roughing in an artistic gate for another artist in Wodonga, AU

An interesting use of surplus wrenches.

Feb 2017

What you can do with that piece of rotten wood you were going to burn. Lacquer up a couple leaves from the fall, and you have a rustic piece of art.

2002 Spun copper vase.

Private Collection, Mentor, Ohio

Time 2 005 Chrome and Brass

Private Collection, Painesville, Ohio

Shadowbox Table 1994 Oak

My Personal Collection

Filled with memento's  covering

5 decades.