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The only VELOMOBILE you can put in your car!!!

Conneaut Ohio  USA

Hi folks….

The VeloKit is a great design, and I have many fans and loyal customers, and most of the 60+ kits sold are still in use.  

Those names in blue you see above are production tadpole trikes with my VeloKit installed. The photo was taken in 2008 when I was really having fun with recumbents.

I'm not a “business man”, just some one who figures out answers to questions. The VeloKit was one of those answers. It was fun, and profitable, but I'm on to new questions and new answers.

I still keep spare parts in stock for customers who may need them, but I no longer design or manufacture any new VeloKits.

If there is another crazy person out there who thinks the VeloKit is really great, send me a note, maybe you could be the next owner of VeloKit international.

The rest of you can check out my books at

Thanks for all the fun, challenges, and rides. KRASH